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The Cup of Milk

Starting 2023, we are able to serve 1 cup of milk daily to 55 plus students thanks to your invaluable support. It is our hope that this project will grow and every child will be handed a cup of milk.


Thanks to your invaluable support, all items on our  Amazon Summer Camp Registry were shipped, allowing us to offer 2 unforgettable weeks of fun and educational activities in August 2022. 


New and lightly used shoes of all sizes are brought regularly to Camkids Pediatrics. We were are able to ship countless numbers of shoes, sneakers, and sandals to Haiti. Your donations are greatly appreciated.  


Every year organizations such as the Association de Ouanaminthais and Heal Haiti hold a health fair where people of the community can register to receive medical care and free medication. Volunteers work from dawn until the last patient is seen.  


Generous people spontaneously donate clothing and toys that are shipped to Haiti with the shoes. Toys are not a necessity but happiness is. Every child should be able to enjoy their childhood and build happy memories. 


Schools are in dire need of desks, blackboards, etc. Students and teachers are in need of school supplies. This year the team at Healthtrust Workforce Solutions donated many book bags filled with school supplies to the children of Manquette, Ouanaminthe.

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